Sunny Meadow Cat Retreat

....while you're away....your cat can play!


Situated in an elevated position with stunning views across the countryside our location provides an ideal birds eye view for our residents! Our chalets have been purpose built and designed with the comfort and safety of our special guests being paramount……The retreat is south west facing ensuring that our guests can capture the stunning sunrises in all their glory and bask in the sunshine throughout the whole day from dawn to dusk. Equally mesmerising is when the dawn mist rolls in over the mountains like cotton wool.


Our retreat is enclosed with weather protectors which enables us to keep your treasured pet warm and cosy during any inclement weather but also wonderfully cool in the summer when the protectors are removed to allow a gentle breeze to softly blow through the chalets. This ensures a healthy and clean living environment for our residents.


We are fortunate to have a resident pair of Red Kites who frequently swoop down and around our small holding much to the delight of all of our guests. Due to our elevated position our pampered guests can pass away the hours watching the sheep and horses grazing contentedly in the distance along with the aerial displays of the roosting flocks of birds taking flight in the valley below them. With our rural and picturesque surroundings our guests can soak up an uninterrupted view of The Brecon Beacons and the south west coastline in the distance. On a clear day our lucky guests may even be able to catch a glimpse of Cornwall across the estuary!

Water feature

Another benefit of our location is that our fluffy friends can also enjoy the ever changing landscape depending on which harvest is taking place and look on with amazement at the birds chasing the machinery rotavating the fields across the valley. Visual and mental stimulation for cats in confinement is extremely important to their overall wellbeing which is why we make every effort to address all of these issues resulting in very happy, relaxed and contented pussy cats who indeed feel like that they too have been on holiday as well!

Entertainment Provided!

Snoozing in the sun

We all know just how intelligent our feline friends are. Bearing this in mind we do our best to provide a stimulating environment for them. Each guest is given their own food maze to while away the time to help prevent boredom. We also provide a natural wood climbing tree complete with several scratching posts to allow our guests to have fun whilst exercising. Once they’re finished their workout (!) they can flop onto their choice of sun shelves to gaze at the sunrise or perhaps enjoy a nice snooze. Alternatively they can observe the birds bustling around their feeding stations or happily splashing in the bird baths, all of which are helpfully placed directly in front of their chalets! Our guests can absorb their surroundings whilst listening to softly tinkling wind chimes and gentle background music to help them relax. Each chalet also has an individual sun hammock on which to sink into and enjoy a nice snooze in yet another different location. We also make sure that our guests have lots of cuddles and individual interaction throughout their stay with us in order for them to totally enjoy their holiday experience!

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