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Accommodation & Health

Your cat's health, wellbeing and enjoyment are our priorities!


Our retreat is built by the well respected Lindee- Lu Cattery and Kennel Manufacturers and are constructed to the very highest standards with feline safety and comfort being a priority. Our chalets are compliant with the Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB) standards and The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) Our chalets have been purpose built and designed with the comfort and safety of our special guests being paramount…

interior image of bedroom showing shelves etc

We are fully licensed by Carmarthenshire County Council. We are also recommended and approved by Brian Cotter M.V.B., M.R.C.V.S. of Emerald Vets Practice, Tumble. Each spacious individual wooden chalet is fully lined with impervious material for hygiene and cleanliness and thermally insulated with individually thermostatically controlled heat panels to cater for all extremes of weather. We also have a small indoor cattery with double chalets incorporating everything that we have in the main retreat, for those individuals who would prefer to be totally enclosed.

Each chalet has two adjustable shelves within the sleeping area with a fully opening window leading out onto a sunning shelf which leads to a ladder down into a large individual exercise run which is fully wired for security. There is a further sunning shelf next to the safety corridor to enable your fluffy friend an even closer look at the outside world and wildlife! For those of our residents who would like another route both in and out of their accommodation area there is also a cat flap at the bottom of the full height doorway.

Good overall picture of interior including play area

Full height clear sneeze barriers are provided to prevent the spread of any possible infection and this also allows our guests a ‘birds eye view (!)’ of everything that is going on both within the retreat and the surrounding area outside! For those who would like a little more privacy, or are particularly nervous or shy guest, an opaque partition can be put in place for that individual to keep everyone happy!! All of our chalets are a large double size, comfortably accommodating two cats each. We also have the option of being able to open an adjoining door on either end of the block which opens up to create two very large family chalets. Each exercise area also has a natural wood activity tree incorporating several beds and scratching posts. Our guests also have the option of flopping onto a relaxing sun hammock to chill out on!

Several cats on trees and straight through view of retreat

Both the exercise area and the safety corridor have twin wall polycarbonate roofing which reflects the heat away in the summer and helps to contain the warmth in the winter. This also creates a lovely light and airy environment and is as close to having outside access as possible! The whole retreat has removable exterior weather protectors which allow a gentle breeze to blow through the unit during nice weather and ensures a cosy retreat for our guests during any inclement weather. Even though the retreat is in very close proximity to our house, to ensure overall safety and assurance we also operate a CCTV system to keep a constant eye on our guests!! So any wild parties will be noted immediately!!

The Woodland Lodge, The Forest Lodge and The Safari Lodge

Cats on shelf and hammock

We also offer three larger Deluxe Lodges for those guests requiring that extra touch of luxury! All three Lodges are themed according to their name and are fitted out with everything that we have in the standard chalets in addition to a range of luxurious extras for your beloved pet. Incorporated into the themed Lodges are large play  and relaxation areas with panoramic views across the stunning countryside.

Your pet will have a choice of several plush and luxurious beds to choose from and have at their disposal an extra large cat climbing tree complete with a variety of sleeping and hiding areas!

Our guests will also benefit from having their own filtered water fountain and individual cat grass to nibble on for in between snacks! We aim to please our feline guests and along the way, hopefully, make their owners happy too!

We feel that as leaving your pet behind can be a worry it can be reassuring to know that your fluffy friend is having a lovely time in your absence! Therefore to alleviate that concern we endeavour to do regular updates on Facebook showing our guests relaxing and having a thoroughly good time!!

In the unlikely event of any of our guests becoming poorly we have an equally luxurious Isolation Chalet set within the grounds but more than the required distance away from the main retreat. We are fortunate to be recommended and approved by Brian Cotter of Emerald Vets who has his surgery approximately five minutes away. Brian is our vet who we have used for a long time to attend to our wide selection of various animals! So you can be safe in the knowledge that should your precious pet become ill assistance is very close at hand. All of our guests are fully insured during their stay for non pre existing illnesses and injuries.


In order to safeguard the health and wellbeing of all cats boarded we reserve the right to politely refuse boarding to any cat with a history of any infectious disease or those who are currently displaying any signs of illness. I’m sure that our clients will understand that we couldn’t possibly put the health and welfare of our boarders at risk. Cooperation and understanding in this matter is very much appreciated. It goes without saying that all cats must be fully vaccinated for a minimum of Feline Flu (Feline Herpesvirus & Feline Calicivirus) and Enteritis (Feline Panleucopenia) and their cards WILL be requested on the day of arrival. Unfortunately any cat arriving without their vaccination card will be refused admission. We also request that all cats are treated for fleas and worms a minimum of one week prior to boarding with us. Cats will be checked over upon arrival for any signs of illness, injury or fleas.

Having had several elderly cats ourselves we are more than happy to make every effort to cater for our elderly guests. Any medication previously prescribed can be continued during your cats stay provided full instructions for its administration are provided by you or your vet and ideally this will be discussed and agreed with us at the time of booking. Diabetic cats are very welcome too! Your cat will be fully insured whilst in our care for any non pre existing conditions. We are vet approved by Emerald Veterinary Surgery who have a 24 hr cover and are approximately a 5 minute drive away in the event of an emergency.

  • Male adult cats must be neutered.
  • We must be notified of any medical conditions prior to arrival at the cattery
  • We have 24 hour veterinary cover and your cat is insured while holidaying with us for non pre-existing conditions
  • We strongly request boarders have vet proprietary flea and worm treatments a minimum of one week before arriving at Sunny Meadow. These treatments can sometimes cause cats to feel a little under the weather. Therefore combining both treatments and being in a different environment should ideally be avoided if at all possible. This will ensure that your cat will arrive at Sunny Meadow in tip top form ready to thoroughly enjoy their holiday!
  • Opening hours are detailed in the Contact Us, Opening Times & Prices Page.
  • Local collection and delivery available for a reasonable charge
  • Prices are charged per day inclusive of arrival and departure days.

  • Vet recommended and approved.
  • CCTV
  • Elderly cats and diabetics catered for.
  • Facebook updates.
  • Top of the range CCTV installed for guests security


Vet bedding is provided along with a selection of beds and sleeping areas within the chalet but many customers like to bring their cats favourite items such as cushions, towels, teddy (!) etc which have a familiar scent. This can help your pet to settle in to a different environment and make them feel more secure.

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